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"306 Hollywood" Trailer

3:00 Editor/Writer. Film release 2018


The Whitney Museum for American Art: "Six in Four"

10:30 Commissioned by the Whitney Museum as part of the grand opening of their new location. Four elevators designed by Richard Artschwager (1923–2013) bring visitors into contact with art as soon as they enter the new Whitney. Each is an immersive installation featuring one or more of the six subjects that occupied Artschwager’s imagination for decades: door, window, table, basket, mirror, and rug. Titled Six in Four, the elevators are the artist’s last major work, and the only permanent commission in the new building. In this video Adam Weinberg, Donna De Salvo, and others involved in realizing the project discuss the work and how it was made. El Tigre Productions.


Dan Rather Reports: "Pornland"

50:00 Editor. Winner of the Ida B. Wells Award for Bravery in Journalism from Women's eNews and The Newswomen’s Club of New York, Front Page Award. Beneath its inviting veneer of manicured parks and eco-friendly living, the city has a dirty, dark secret – a burgeoning legal and illegal sex industry. And according to the Portland Police Bureau, Portland has become a hotbed for child sex trafficking.


Dan Rather Reports: Angel of the Desert Part 1

15:30 Editor, Story Producer. The border that separates the United States from Mexico has become one of the most dangerous in the world. On average, one person dies per day trying to cross illegally into the U.S. through the Sonoran desert. And when these immigrants disappear in this deadly desert terrain, the local authorities and border patrol rarely, if ever, search for them. But a middle-aged former mechanic from San Diego does just that. Rafael Hernandez is known as "The Angel of the Desert" to the many desperate families looking for loved ones who have disappeared in their attempts to cross. Often, it is a race against time.


MOMA: Colección Cisneros

4:30 Forty years ago, Patricia Phelps de Cisneros made it her life's mission to include Latin America in the wider history of art. This film tells her story. Part of a seven part series being created by El Tigre Productions to accompany Mrs. Cisneros' historic gift of 102 artworks from Latin America to MoMA. El Tigre Productions.


Dan Rather Reports: "Price of an Afghan Bride"

35:00 Editor, Story Producer. Winner of the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for human rights. A profile of life for Afghan women and a look at how much has really changed since the U.S. intervention and fall of the Taliban. We speak to a young, talented Afghan writer and poet who's being sold for marriage against her will and decides to risk her life by speaking to us. Rarely seen images inside a maternity ward, where wives of Taliban fighters unveil and allow themselves to be interviewed in front of our cameras. We also speak with Malalai Joya, an Afghan women's activist who was elected to parliament, but thrown out for speaking up about atrocities against women. 


Dan Rather Reports: Angel of the Desert Part 2

16:00 Editor, Story Producer


BLAST! Trailer

2:40 Trailer Editor, Film Co-Editor. Welcome to Astrophysics Indiana Jones style! BLAST! follows the filmmaker’s brother, Mark Devlin, PhD, as he leads a tenacious team of scientists on the journey of a lifetime from Arctic Sweden to the desolate ice of Antarctica. By launching a revolutionary new telescope on a NASA high-altitude balloon, they hope to reveal a hidden Universe of never-before-seen star-burst galaxies, providing clues to the Evolution of Everything. From catastrophic failure to transcendent triumph, their adventure reveals the surprising real life of scientists.