Riveting; An absolute must-see
— Indiewire on (T)ERROR
One of the best documentaries of 2015.
— Newsweek on (T)ERROR
A vital exposé.
— Variety on (T)ERROR
A fascinating piece of work that approaches CITIZENFOUR in its deconstruction of governmental failure and the systems underneath the war on terror that are not only failing to keep us safe but impacting the entire world political scene.
— RogerEbert.com
Farmer/Veteran is keenly empathetic toward its subjects while at the same time being rigorous about the journalism and interviewing. That’s a hard balance to pull off and this film does it so well. Even given the darkness at the core of it, it’s such a pretty movie.
— Sean Cole, Producer, This American Life
You might think this is a story you’ve heard before, but it isn’t. It’s a film that defies your expectations at every turn.
— Daniel Laabs, Dallas International Film Festival on Farmer/Veteran
An authentic revelation.
— Sam Pollard, Filmmaker and juror for DOCNYC on Girl With Black Balloons
Boldly ventures beyond the limits of mere portraiture. Like Grey Gardens reimagined by Chris Marker.
— Eric Kohn for Indiewire on Girl With Black Balloons
I promise that you’ll remember Girl With Black Balloons for a long time to come.
— Thom Powers, Programmer-Toronto Film Festival, Artistic Director-DocNYC
You captured her soul.
— Barbara Kopple, two-time Academy Award winner on Girl With Black Balloons
One of the greatest documentary subjects I’ve ever seen on film.
— Doug Block, Director of "51 Birch Street" & "112 Weddings" on The LuLu Sessions.
Must see documentary...LuLu will absolutely charm you precisely because she’s not trying to.
— LA Weekly on The LuLu Sessions
Something intensely magical is captured on screen...Tenderly revealed is inexplicable beauty, calmness, clarity and truth.
— Toronto LGBT Film Festival
Brilliant! Absorbing! Unexpected twists and turns!
— The New York Times on BLAST!
This adventuresome spin on breakthrough science should wow ‘em!
— Variety on BLAST!


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